Why Reveal My Secrets?

19 09 2011

Today I start a new blog, one that deals solely with science and engineering. Every since the days of Werner von Braun, people have been viewing rocket science as a difficult field that only geniuses can deal with. But this is simply not true. I am not a genius. I’m just a girl with a passion for rockets, satellites, and space.

As someone who has had this passion all my life, I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about science and engineering, even from a young age. Because of this, I often don’t realize that other people don’t know the facts I view as “common knowledge.”

For instance, when I was in college, I once did a church event that involved leading a group of high school girls. They were mostly juniors in high school. These girls who were almost done with their basic education, girls who had gone to the best schools in Atlanta, girls from affluent families destined to go to excellent colleges, asked me with all seriousness and sincerity, “What is bigger: the galaxy or the universe?”

I was baffled. How could they not know the universe is bigger. I mean its right there in the name. UNI-verse! There can only be one! This was something I had known since at least fifth grade, if not earlier. How had girls with such good educations and bright futures failed to learn this fact?

This sort of event happened to me over and over again. Somewhere, somehow, the average person has gotten the idea that science is insurmountable. It’s something too difficult to know. Something beyond the grasps of the average man. Only an Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein can dare to grasp it.

So here I am. Prepared to start at the basics and explain the in’s and out’s of science and engineering as I know them.

Therefore, look forward to the basics of my world: an explanation of Newton’s laws. We’ll build up from there.

And if you have any burning questions, anything you’d really like to know about, just leave a comment. I promise, I will not allow a question to go unanswered.




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